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Have You Ever Considered The Emotional Benefits Of Having A Dog or Cat?

Research indicates that nearly 90% of dog and cat owners feel that their pet contributes immensely to their mental state in a positive way.  With a recent survey of 2,200 adults a whopping 84% of adults claimed this very fact.  This survey was conducted by the American Psychiatric Association.



It is important to remember that just having a pet is not enough.  We must engage in activities and spend quality time with our pet to conjure up these positive benefits.  Studies indicate that our relationship with our pets increases our feel-good hormones.  What this means is that it, our stress hormone, cortisol goes down and our feel-good hormone, oxytocin increases, making us calmer and more relaxed. 


Some other advantages are that we have a sense of companionship and are more eager to be social as well as encourage us to be more mindful of another being.  We become more active since we need to walk the dog or get up to feed the cat or play with the cat. These activities can and do lead to talking to with neighbors or other friends (new or existing) at the dog park or within our social circles.  We even find ourselves dwelling less on unpleasant problems and focus on the care and wellbeing of our furry companion.  All of this a brief exercise in mindfulness. These exercises improve our stress levels, reduce anxiety, improve focus, and help us sleep better at night. So, if you haven't walked the dog or played with the cat then get to it! What are you waiting for?!


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